Out of the Into


A coolness now seeps into the air,
As raindrops pelt the ground,
Metal roofs sound like snare drums,
And the heart melts into the sound,
Aches and pains assault the body,
And the heart is mimicking it’s heat,
All the products of the mind,
Interwoven with our heartbeats.
Into forests with seas of green,
i walk hand in hand with dreams,
Into oceans of flowers blooming,
Bordered by flowing streams,
Out of a mind’s dark prison,
Straight into a fantasy,
While all the things I hope for,
Are an alternate reality.
Into a pasture that beckons,
Out of the confinement of walls,
With a heart to show us which way to sail,
When a cool summer breeze did call,
Onto a beach with scorching hot sand,
And a sunburn that came from the walk,
Into the words that were spoken,
Though not a word is needed to talk.
Into the arms of a raven haired beauty,
Out of the darkness at night,
Through the dreams that sustain us,
Into the bright sunlight,
Out of the chains that bind us,
To the love that abides within,
Into the dreams of a time and place,
Where we know real love begins.
Out of the pain and through all of the tears,
Into the heart’s paradise,
Within all the silence and darkness,
And all the ill gotten advice,
Into the light and the knowledge,
That whisper of love that’s real,
To all the smiles and laughter,
Where love we’re allowed to feel.
Into the nights together,
From the loneliness and all of the pain,
Out of the darkness that binds us,
Into the love that remains,
Through all of the tears that the heart cries,
And from all the things that we fear,
Into the love and the knowledge,
That Love is all we need hear

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