A storm is now raging,
Inside a shattered heart,
As we try to gather the pieces,
To assemble what’s now apart,
The pieces seem to float around,
Just beyond our reach,
Lost inside some lesson,
That life’s supposed to teach.
The mind is saying walk away,
But heart will not let go,
As curses fill the night time air,
Without water still it grows,
If the heart can mend itself,
Where are the pieces we do not hold,
Does the warmth derivef from emotion,
Somehow turn to bitter cold.
If we reach for that missing piece,
But find it doesn’t fit,
Can we recognize one that will,
Or with blind eyes never see it,
A door that’s opened in the past,
Shows our real foe,
The fear we feel in the darkness,
But still each day it grows.
That missing piece is held within,
It’s the love we already found,
But it seems we always overlook,
What lives without a sound,
We search the world around us,
For a thing we already posess,
And though a heart is torn in two,
It’s still beating in the chest.
If that emotion is our missing piece,
And love lives in the heart,
Physically we might be alone,
But in the soul we’re not apart,
Love was found inside your arms,
And each day it continues to live,
That missing piece is held within,
And with silence love still lives.

August 28th,2016

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