Perpetual Light

To Marcy Howard

Is there a moment in our lives,
That is a defining source of light,
I know that moment came for me,
One sultry spring time night,
It came the moment I met you,
From that meeting my heart was yours,
And from a single innocent kiss,
A feeling began and still endures.
No matter what the fates may bring,
No matter if pains involved,
All my heartbeats since that day,
Around thoughts of you revolve,
I got to see who you are,
And I got to touch your face,
And when you visit in my dreams,
A smile is stuck in place.
Though in truth I am now alone,
Without you, my greatest fear,
With just a thought I hear your voice,
And feel your presence near,
Though at times there’s pain we bear,
If it brought you to a happy place,
I will gladly tolerate,
My mirror’s tear stained face.
While tears no longer even fall,
You’ve given me so much,
I can hold you with this hope,
That again I’ll feel your touch,
Each day when I think of you,
My faith just grows and grows,
As love is always here for you,
And the eyes where that light shows!
.         We Found.



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