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Pieces of Dreams


Pieces of the shattered dreams,
Lie scattered on the floor,
And as we look for a way to get out,
We’re confronted by all the locked doors,
Deeds committed in the past,
Severely affect the here and now,
And through it all only love still survives,
My bandage for the wounds somehow.
A feeling that the life we have,
Belongs to some other person,
And as the currents take us down,
The pangs of need only seem to worsen,
An aura of feeling beaten and broken,
Seems to call out to me every day,
And late at night in my dreams,
Is the only time it goes away.
I know I found things along the way,
In the mirror they stare me in the face,
With the gaze that stares back at me,
Another dream that each day I chase,
Pieces of dreams assault the senses,
Though some have already come true,
And when I stop and contemplate,
My thoughts always return to you.
It takes no effort to forget,
Though at times it’s easier said than done,
And through the sea of possibility,
For me love’s the remaining one,
As the pieces of a dream,
Come together in the night,
What happens to those parts of me,
That the heart holds with all it’s might.
Has life become an exercise of futility,
But with that thought I surely know,
That even without sunlight or water,
The heart can still make love grow,
The pieces of my dreams come together,
When my eyes close to sleep at night,
And though no one seems to notice,
Love has become my only light.
Through the years I’ve grown to believe,
That we get lost in the outward mask,
And the person who we really are,
Seems lost in what others ask,
Regardless of what people think of me,
I’ve survived the inclement weather,
And in the pieces of who I might be,
The pieces of love’s dream come together.

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