Pouring Rain


Raindrops fall in blowing waves,
As the puddles grow in size,
The culmination of the heaven’s pain,
Tears that flow from eyes,
The falling rain brings to mind,
Memories of sunny days,
Thoughts that chase the dismal atmosphere,
And chase the blues away.
Sunny thoughts stroll across the mind,
As the past removes it’s shroud,
Whispered words from not long ago,
Become thoughts that are screamed out loud,
A world unfolds in every raindrop,
Different faces at different times,
While the things we hold as important,
Change into what we consider crimes.
Water runs down the mountainside,
And flows towards running streams,
Ignoring the solitary figure,
And that figure’s anguished screams,
The raindrops splatter on a face,
That seems dark and full of pain,
As the rain just seems to multiply,
The dilution of the pouring rain.
The water running down that upturned face,
With eyes open appears as tears,
As the picture changes with eyes closed,
The water the river of our fears,
Rain might wash away the grime,
Yet where does that dirt then go,
Does some remain inside the person,
The soil they need to grow.
Water is the fuel for life,
Something all living things need,
But it can not wash away the past,
Or the wounds that each day bleed,
On a hot day we sip cold water,
And to the skin a raindrop’s cool,
Can a raindrop relieve a broken heart,
Or does believing that make me a fool.
The rain might swell the streams and rivers,
And it can soak our outer skin,
And at times it holds a certain relief,
For those dreams still alive within,
Each raindrop has it’s own purpose,
It is life in a single drop,
And though it might be pouring every day,
Each night love makes it stop.

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