Real Still


Words are arranged in an order,
With a though they try to convey,
Though so many things are locked inside,
Have the potential to get in the way,
The mind reacts to stimulus,
As the heart creates it’s lane,
A street that leads to nowhere,
What is it we can gain.
The mind speaks of it’s doubts and fears,
While the heart holds love that’s true,
But the words path to the paper,
Overcomes fear so it gets through,
Thoughts it seems flow freely,
Coming directly from the mind,
Yet emotions locked inside the heart,
At times are hard to find.
What if words seem not enough,
To truly convey the things you feel,
If the thoughts are never voiced,
Are they somehow then not real,
The heart holds out a golden key,
To unlock those things inside,
But the mind seems to rust the lock,
And the key won’t work if never tried.
Can actions become more than words,
Is there meaning in a mere smile,
And are our dreams contained within,
Or heaped on some unused pile,
Are words enough to convey the depth,
Of some deep emotion,
Even with an outward sign,
That seems to show a lack of devotion.
Yet there can also be those times,
When words and actions combine to show,
That no matter what comes along,
Love continues to grow,
Words at times might not be enough,
And actions might give a false impression,
While all the emotion that lives inside,
Hidden, escapes other’s detection.
Sometimes we can’t voice the words,
Because they’re locked inside by fear,
How many words can be used to describe,
The meaning of a falling tear,
Though words and actions may not be enough,
To accurately show the things we feel,
As long as love lives inside the heart,
It proves it’s love we feel.

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