River Run


A river wanders aimlessly,
Across many many miles,
Changing speed along it’s way,
To travel in many styles,
In places it travels so very slow,
While in other’s it’s a rapid pace,
But in the end it still arrives,
At the same destination or same place,
If you place a floating ship,
In the water’s sure embrace,
It travels with the river’s flow,
And you can meet another place,
On a day that’s arid and hot,
You are cooled if you wade in,
Yet still the ship floats downstream,
From where it’s trip begins.
The water flows through rain or shine,
It keeps flowing night or day,
And if an obstacle meets it’s path,
It just finds another way,
Objects seem to float with ease,
No effort is required,
Objects at times are pushed to shore,
Even though it’s not desired.
We can use that river for our enjoyment,
If it’s harnessed it can give us power,
No matter the pace that it picks,
It travels in minutes or hours,
Heavy rains might make it flood,
While with heat it could even dry,
But with it’s nominal effort,
It might even float right by.
All the water a river holds,
Is a fuel that all life needs,
Nature’s veins and arteries,
It’s the way that nature bleeds,
If we sit and watch it flow,
It exerts a calming effect,
And in the course of our lives,
It’sa thing we should always protect.

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