To Marcy Howard

I walk down a sandy beach, no footprints to be seen,
While the sand stretches far ahead, the heart is deemed obscene,
Though I walk this beach alone, a dream just walks along,
The ocean plays its constant tune, with no words for its song,
A gentle breeze blows the palms, and it makes them seem to dance,
As the peace calms the heart, and gives love another chance.
The tide takes things on the beach, returns them to the sea,
I just wish that it could put, my love back here with me,
It might be a romantic notion, that the ocean could bring her back,
But even alone in paradise, the memories still attack,
Is there a tide inside our souls, with a constant ebb and flow,
To take away unpleasant things, and only let love grow.
The sand is warm to my feet, and it reminds me of a day,
When us and your children, went to a beach to play,
Though that time seems long ago, its been almost a year,
Yet it seems like a lifetime, without you being here,
Though in pain my being here, helps to clear the past
It reminds me of the things we found, and assures this love will last.



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