to marcy howard

I wish, I could hold you, and whisper, in your ear,
How much, I love you, how much, I care,
The words, go unheard, for it’s only a dream,
As, forever’s a prison, the unwritten scene.
A heart, with a half, just isn’t whole,
I no longer own it, it belongs to her soul,
Yet, I harbor the feeling, it will never end,
For I’ve found, who I’ve needed, my lover, my friend.
I can’t, understand, things, never told,
Yet love, is the feeling, on which, I hold,
I know, it is real, and flows, both ways,
Wrapped, in a smile, as Sevenfold plays.
Memories, will have to do, suffice, for here and now,
Over and over, they will play, never tiring, somehow,
My life, is made better, from the love, you gave,
But, I can only wonder is Love, something, we will save?



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