The seasons come and the seasons go,
Yet inside the weather’s the same,
Emotions become a force of nature,
Coming unbidden with just a name,
The weather changes from hot to cold,
Yet these emotions are continually heated,
And right now there’s a call for snow,
And fall is finally defeated.
Snowflakes seem to usher in,
Winter’s strong snow laden winds,
And as the seasons look to spring,
The heart remembers where love begins,
Externally we clearly experience,
Physical alterations with change,
As every year like clockwork,
Our environment is re-arranged.
Though at times emotions wane cold,
There’s still heat alive inside,
As the warmth is underlying,
And it’s presence is not denied,
When each year the seasons change,
We’re shown the way to grow,
Because love provides an inner heat,
Like the seasons we always know.
Spring and summer with winter and fall,
Do they mirror our emotions true,
With every season a different scene,
Just varied thoughts of you,
A winter storm might come barging in,
Or the summer sun beats down,
Always in just a few short months,
The seasons will change around.
Though the seasons come and go,
We have the knowledge of better days,
That warmth will come before to long,
Though gone it doesn’t go away,
The skies might hold pouring rain,
Or clouds heavy laden with snow,
And like the promise of coming spring,
Love takes it’s time to grow.

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