Seemingly Lonely

To Marcy Howard

There are those days when we stand alone,
No matter how hard we try,
To make these memories that will always live,
Wither up and die,
Yet faith holds on inside somewhere,
Yielding love, hope and  memory,
And sometimes what we seek to find,
When found are hard to see.
Even as I stand alone,
With this need that grows every day,
The answer for this growing pain,
Is you, found yesterday,
In forever there is no ending,
Though death can change a mind,
And though a person left this world,
Its you I was destined to find.
No word could make me turn from you,
What I need to know I found,
My soul needs you to live and breathe,
Not this world devoid of sound,
With a thought of you I’m not alone,
In this memory I hold you,
Now just your memory sustains me,
In each day we struggle through.
Family and friends exist inside,
Yet without people I seem alone,
And though I wander through the night,
Through this darkness no peace is known,
There are those things and people,
That we hold with all our might,
And as we hold the things we found,
This lonely soul has light.
      Only you!!



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