Shadowed Shine

To Marcy Howard

The walls and doors are closing in, with the night the shadows grow,
And as the dark demands its fee, what was hidden now will show,
In this land of dark and dreams, where prying eyes can’t see,
A memory squeezes on a heart, and the past again is free,
Though the darkness sometimes is feared, moonlight is its crutch,
And under the moonlight in this dream, I still feel your touch.
Thoughts assail the wounded heart, as they burn inside the mind,
And in the darkness while we’re alone, only tears are what we find,
The shadows hide the falling tears, as each day we hide our pain,
But in the dreams we have at night, we’re bound by this chain,
The chain extends from heart to heart, it lives with what we found,
Each day forges another link, as our minds add silent sound.
If the walls and doors close in, step outside and look to the sky,
Those stars that twinkle in the dark, are the light now in our eyes,
Yet while they seem so far away, and might remind us of the past,
They’re the proof that love still lives, and through this darkness, it will last,
With hope inside love can live, protected by our hearts,
And as we hold that love inside, each day, love had its start.
Darkness does not kill the dream, it just makes the dream more real,
The joining of our two lost souls, and holding whatvwr feel,
In the past time couldn’t kill, the light that we both found,
And in the cycle we call life, two hearts provide the sound,
So as the moon and stars shine down, they’re the chorus of two lost souls,
Points of light in the night time sky, that show together we are whole.



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