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Shine On


A cloudy morning with the sunshine hidden,
yet somehow it still is seen,
Contemplating last night’s dreams,
Wondering what they mean,
Things we miss each night we hold,
And there are dreams that won’t let go,
While with the urging of the heart,
A different reality shows.
A parade of events that somehow lead,
From our pasts to our tomorrows,
Coming to a common ground,
With love piercing the sorrows,
A replay of the pasts events,
That visits every night,
With fingers reaching into the days,
As heart and mind each day fight.
The absence of the sunrise,
Changes not a thing,
Because all those things seen in the night,
Are the events that each heart brings,
While awake the smile vanishes,
As we argue with our minds,
The heart holds on to all it’s found,
Not what it hopes to find.
Happiness seems to disappear,
To hide behind the clouds,
As we struggle with the thought,
It’s just what our heart allows,
Filtered light comes down to us,
Through the clouds the sunlight shines,
Not as bright as a sunny day,
Yet a light  the heart defines.
Though dark clouds may hide the sun,
Behind the clouds the light exists,
Kind of like when we find love,
And the mind somehow resists,
The sunlight doesn’t go away,
Because it hides behind the clouds,
Love though hidden still shines bright,
Through the clouds the mind allows.
Clouds may hide the bright sunlight,
But that light is still existing,
Love takes on the very same role,
No matter how much we’re resisting,
Behind the clouds love still shines bright,
In our dreams the clouds are gone,
And no matter if it’s night or day,
Love each day shines on.

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