As we look back through the years,
And we hear our memories call,
We see the things we toiled to build,
With the dreams that seem to fall,
Moments seem to lose appeal,
And fade with passing time,
With our self imposed sentences,
Being our only crime.
Memories call us through the darkness,
As we live and breathe in fear,
Willing the heart to keep holding on,
Hoping it can hear,
Does the mind provide any incentive,
To make the heart understand,
Love should be the driving force,
For every woman and every man.
Of course not everyone thinks the same,
But there’s no need to impose our will,
Love can make monsters misty eyed,
While tomorrow is there still,
In our private reveries,
Can we see what others feel,
That though love goes un-noticed,
Each day it’s something real.
At times our lives are torn between,
To have and to have not,
And all the things found along the way,
Do we pretend that we forgot,
Memories can become like road signs,
Our path to what we think lost,
And as we look for directions,
Will love become our cost.
Can reality become somewhere unpleasant,
Yet it never needs to be,
Alone can be uncomfortable,
But not if our dreams roam free,
Is an unwillingness to ever let go,
And indication of what we hold dear,
And when love whispers to our hearts,
Do we hope our minds can’t hear.
Some things begin and some things end,
Yet there are those that carry on,
And in those times I held you close,
Love still isn’t gone,
All the things that happen to us,
Prepare us for the coming day,
While love becomes our signpost,
That forever shows us the way.

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