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Snow To You

To Marcy Howard

As the snow, begins to fall,
It’s time, to walk, the trail,
To feel, the snow, cover all,
And believe, you can not fail,
This trail, though embraced, by cold,
Holds, an eternal dream,
While, the snowflakes falling,
Hide, the things unseen.
Each snowflake, is a thought,
From, my heart, straight to you,
And. with, it’s singular beauty,
It’s all, the things, we do,
As, the snowflakes, dust the trail,
Covering, arms and head,
There, is, no thought, of the cold,
Just thoughts, of you instead.
And as, I walk, this snowy trail,
I feel, what’s in, your heart,
You see, I know, you’re walking too,
So, together, we can start,
With, these steps, we’re not alone,
And Marcy, neither are you,
I need you, to have and hold,
No matter, what snow, might do,
Watch, the snowflakes, as they fall,
And as, they fall, always know,
You and me, walk, this trail,
No matter, where it, might go,
Step by step, I hold, your hand,
And the snowflakes, show, to you,
Inside, all, the swirling snow,
Love, is walking too.
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