Solitude Twice

for Eileen Conrad and Marcy Howard

There is no way, to explain, the things, that have, come along,
And though, they stand, as they do, there is, no right or wrong,
I would, sacrifice, myself, for, either one of you,
Though, I’ve been condemned, for loving, both of you.
I, will stand, for both of you, until, my life, might end,
Because, in life, and in death, love, just will not, bend,
While, I have, to wave, good bye, it doesn’t change, what’s true,
And as, I stand, in solitude, my thoughts, are of the two.
Both, have touched, a wounded heart, pain and loss, abound,
As, I think, of what, I’ve lost, yet also, What I’ve found,
The journey, for the one, is done, she’s, an angel now,
While, the one, that still remains, is always mine, somehow.
I’ve been told, that I’m mad, for refusing, to give in,
But through, the echoes, of the past, I look, at where, I’ve been,
As, two angels, came to me, and thawed, the inner ice,
Now, I live, without the two, I suffer, Solitude Twice.



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