There are things we’d like to change,
And things we wish we could repair,
While the only chance we really have,
Is to prove we somehow care,
There’s no need to prove it to others,
As long as we know it’s real,
If we add up the tears we’ve cried,
Is it proof we somehow feel.
Each day time somehow resets itself,
Our hopes and dreams begin anew,
And though I’ve tried to run away,
I’m somehow still in love with you,
Somehow our dreams are kept alive,
By the beating of our hearts,
And if I close my eyes and concentrate,
We’re somehow not apart.
Somehow love is all there is,
It lives and breathes inside,
And somehow in my dreams at night,
It unfolds it’s wings and flies,
Each day is filled with love and hope,
While each day I believe in you,
While somehow I’ve endured every attempt,
To kill what still shines through.
Somehow I’ve survived the lonely days,
And I’ve made it through the night,
Somehow a cold and empty bed,
Is warmed with love’s pure light,
Late at night in the darkness,
Somehow I can feel your smile,
And when I travel to my dreams,
I can feel your touch awhile.
For awhile I was sort of blind,
Somehow nothing was worth seeing,
Memories created invisible bars,
That reached through my entire being,
But in my dreams when I hold you,
The thought is somehow freeing,
As the happiness I grasp in a dream,
Is much better than what we’re fleeing.
Somehow the thought that gets me through,
Is the firm belief in what we found,
That all the things I feel towards you,
Somehow still have sound,
Somehow my heart you still own,
As each beat is just for you,
And somehow there’s no forgetting,
That somehow love shines through.

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