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Moonlight filters through barren trees,
To illuminate the forest’s floor,
As the full moon seems to swell in size,
And we’re left with thoughts unsure,
The darkness holds out shadows,
And the world becomes black and white,
Through the cobwebs of the past,
Through the darkened but moonlit night.
Moonlight becomes the night times sun,
In this darkness it helps us see,
And though enchanted some years ago,
Does this heart belong to me,
As rays of moonlight massage the land,
The shafts of light a living dream,
Proving that even in darkness,
Silence can be a scream.
Something as simple as words in a song,
Seem another part of her spell,
Is she an angel or devil in red,
Is she heaven or is she hell,
Is there some way to remove her spell,
But do I even care,
Or is it now just a dream,
Framed with jet black hair.
Though moonlight isn’t quite as bright,
As the warming rays of the sun,
The moonlight seems to take me back,
To that place where it was begun,
The moonlight illuminates the past,
It shows where love began,
And the whispered words I found you,
Are now embedded in this man.
I close my eyes and see her face,
As to me this moonlight speaks,
It whispers with a sultry voice,
Why is it your blue eyes leak,
Every effort has been made,
To pretend this love doesn’t exist,
As the full moon seems to emphasize,
I’m powerless to resist.
The moonlight from the darkened sky,
Becomes the lighting for my dreams,
And the daylight seems to be the same,
If for you the heart still screams,
Though at times I’ve tried to run,
Sun and moon are still around,
And with this love that lives inside,
By her I’m left spellbound!!!!

January 15th, 2017

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