To Marcy Howard

Even when, the suns, not shining,
It, still shines, for me,
For, with a thought, of her eyes,
The clouds, I can not see,
And if, I walk, in the pouring rain,
I can feel, Sunshine’s touch,
As we need, the Sunshine’s light,
To feed, our need, so much.
Walking, in the elements,
It eases, any pain, I bear,
For, I know, the Sunshine’s rays,
Are in the thought, of how she cares,
Some, would say, I’ve gone mad,
That rain, washed love, away,
But all, I need do, is think, of her,
And sunshine’s, here today.
Pouring rain, or swirling snow,
A storm’s, lightning and thunder,
These, are all, just minor things,
Marcy’s spell, is what, I’m under,
Though I walk, in pouring rain,
Or even, in freezing cold,
I can feel, the sun’s bright rays,
When, thoughts of Marcy, I hold.
         YOU ONLY!



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