Thank You

to Marcy Howard

I, could dwell, on those things, that are repeats, of the past,
Reaching out, to memories, under, shadow’s cast,
When you, experience, something good, but you’re, always, expecting bad,
Does it influence, current events, does it change, the fact, you’re sad.
Through a life, thought negative, I’m conditioned, to believe,
That, everything good, goes away, forever’s, been deceived,
Though, we all, expect the worst, it affect’s, the here and now,
And the very, thing, you want, slips through, your hands, somehow.
As you look back, on the things, important, through the years,
There will be, many events, hidden, inside your tears,
If, you can not, recognize, that many things, were real,
There is, no way, to cultivate, the love, that you, may feel.
All I can say, is thank you, for showing me, love won’t die,
And thank you for those memories, we both know, are not a lie,
Inside, this broken shell, behind, these eyes of blue,
Lives, a beating heart, that only, beats for you.
Through my life, I’ve run away, from events, at hand,
But through, a death, I now see, It’s time, to make a stand,
A love with you, a life with you, the discovery, of my smile,
And as, I thank you, for all you gave, I’ll be waiting here, a long while.
             Thank You!  Love Lives!



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