The Box

To Marcy Howard

A box sits in the closet,
And it’s full of memories,
How often do you open it,
To live thoughts of me,
To look at the happiness,
We gave to each for free.
Though it’s just a simple box,
Wooden and it’s worn,
Even though an an antique,
To the memories you’re sworn,
And are these memories,
The flowers or the thorns.
How often do you open it,
How often are you alone,
Do you reach out for me,
To the emotion that was shown,
Or do you avoid the box,
And the memories you’ve known
All those little mementos
Are ties to our past,
Ties to a person,
Memories that will last,
Keep the box close to you,
For I am coming fast.
Dust the box, keep it clean,
Remember who’s held inside,
Hold on to a man that loves,
With a need he can not hide,
And all the while keep a smile,
For love, won’t be denied.



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