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The Dawning Day

To Marcy Howard

Sunrise brings a brand new start;a beginning or an end,
While we try to justify;the memories we defend,
The past holds out our mistakes;our triumphs and things we lost,
And in the course of achieving dreams;the past our figures cost.
Thoughts and actions sometimes override;those dreams we seek to attain,
As with a memory we still live;a paradise we regain,
Even with the pasts events;inside the web you weave,
Assumptions can alter what is real;yet hearts do not deceive.
Happiness is contained within;we each keep it alive,
And as the days surely pass;the assumptions make a future die,
Having faith in another soul;and believing in all they do,
Can keep you going every day;to conquer the pain that we go through.
It seems at times we sacrifice;ourselves for another’s good,
And even though its a positive role;it doesn’t mean we should,
Through the course of every day;through the pain that we endure,
All the love I have for you;substantiates the real fact;
Each day I need you more.
         Only you.



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