The Fire Burning

To Marcy Howard

Power surges through the air, as fire lights the sky,
Hell opens up its gates, to let another lost soul inside,
Demonsvfly from the depths, from a heart now town in two,
Death is tied to one love, but the soul is tied to you,
A mirror shows features blurred, the image distorted by tears,
As the image laughs back at us, the culmination of past fears.
Loves the fire that lights the sky, it burns from in the soul,
While freedoms now a foreign word, only love can fill this hole,
In the blackness good and evil clash, is the darkness what we earn,
Or is the good the very thing, that causes love to burn,
The past now raises up its head, as love it seeks to destroy,
As now a double broken heart, has waiting to enjoy.
Love began some time ago, and its fire sears to the bone,
Yet will the fire consume the heart, if the soul is left alone,
Love provides ample fuel, to burn until our death,
And as the past controls our minds, it burns brighter with every breath,
As the fire makes us twist and burn, there’s only one thing we can say,
The flames can’t touch the heart inside, because, love lives every day.
It seems that love can be held, yet judged by all who look,
And if we listen to those words, it may sound like love’s mistook,
Words are not extinguishers, that put the fire out,
While the past is not that voice we hear, that tells what loves about,
Hearts and souls contain the fire, as love each day we hold,
And as it burns in both of us, with loves fire we’re never cold.



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