The Flutter of Wings

To Marcy Howard

A ghostly apparition;searches through the night,
For the angel that came to him;and became his source of light,
Nightly he searches the darkness;for the sound of her fluttering wings,
The answer for his longing;to quiet the demons darkness brings.
While she visits all his dreams;she whispers in his ear,
That the flutter of her wings;can calm his daily fear,
Though he tosses in his sleep;her vision is what he sees,
But every morning when he awakes;with a flutter again she flees.
He’s banished to this earth;each day a living hell,
And with the absence of those wings; she becomes a devil as well,
Though she only visits him; in the land of dreams,
The wind is her fluttering wings;or at least that’s how it seems.
The wind stirs fond memory; each night its her he holds,
As her wings hold him tight;inside their feathery folds,
He tries his best not to sleep;to avoid the sound of her wings,
For those wings carried her away;and her absence loneliness brings.
Though the sound of her fluttering wings;is the sound that brought her to me,
It also signals when she left;and a heart no longer free,
As he stands on a mountain top;he feels a gentle breeze,
He silently wonders to himself;is it worse remembering when she came or remembering when she flees.
       Still only you!!



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