The Gargoyle's Grin

To Marcy Howard

A gargoyle sits perched;high up above,
His demeanor now hardened;hardened by love,
Yet as he now watches;the masses below,
With each passing moment;his grin only grows.
Though his body;turned to stone and ravaged,
There’s a heart within;though judged to be savage,
He searches the crowds;for her long dark hair,
While silently he knows;she’s probably not there.
Rain and bad weather;but his vigilance grows,
Love for this one;is all he now knows,
Banished to his perch;alone with the thought,
That this ledge is his prison;the island he’s bought.
Yet still his from;though now etched in stone,
Its proof of his passion;proof he’s not alone,
For another heart searches;for a dream that has been,
Proof of the fire;inside the gargoyles grin.
     I love you!



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