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The Inside of an Echo


Here and there throughout a life,
Some things come and some things go,
Some are seen by other’s eyes,
While some just never show,
We might stand atop a mountain,
Scream our pain out loud,
Listening for an echo,
To return if it’s allowed.
We toss a stone into a lake,
And we see the ripples spread,
Something that our eyes can see,
An echo for our sight instead,
Echoes are something that we can hear,
But can they be something we feel,
A thing that echoes in the heart,
With a mind to make it real.
The ripples that spread across a lake,
Just might be caused by wind,
And as we look and wonder,
Do they end or just begin,
In the morning we look in the mirror,
What echoes live inside,
Are they somehow seen in the image,
Can an echo some way hide,
Just think of our emotions,
How they echo through the years,
Never really ending,
And held within our tears,
We may not see an echo,
Yet it reverberates inside,
Love that started long ago,
And it’s echo just arrived.
An echo heard with our ears,
Slowly goes away,
But echoes stirred within a heart,
Are real and there to stay,
Ripples spreading across a lake,
Are echoes we can see,
And those that live inside of us,
Though hidden still are free.
We can have an echo that is heard,
And in certain aspects they’re seen,
But those alive inside of us,
Always echo in between,
Love lives in the heart,
And it’s seen inside the eyes,
It echoes from the heart to the soul,
And love’s echo lives inside.

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