The Invisible Flow

To Marcy Howard

Two bloody hands hold a heart,
Though beating time leaves it broken,
As the heart holds on to you,
And we remember all the words spoken,
Though the heart has no memory,
And though each day it bleeds,
Still emotion travels on,
With you, what this heart needs.
Life helped us find each other,
But words and assumptions make us run,
And all the while we pretend,
Though in pain we’re having fun,
The heartbeat as always is strong,
And mine still beats for you,
But just because of real life,
We deny it all was true.
Though the hands hold a bloodied heart,
Those hands can feel it beating,
And without any conscious thought,
We’re better since our meeting,
It seems that since you took my soul,
With the blood there’s things I see,
All the things that we found,
Though now bloody make us free.
I’ve tried to cease the flowing blood,
Yet my efforts seem to fail,
And though the blood is flowing still,
The emotions  still prevail,
If my flowing bloods the price,
It’s a price I’m glad to pay,
I know you’re worth the blood and pain,
Because I need you every day.
.      Only you!



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