The Memory Seen

To Marcy Howard

A name is whispered in the dark,
And with that whisper she appears,
This apparition takes on the form,
Of a ghost that smells of pears,
Her features show a smile with pain,
Yet with that sparkle in her eyes,
And as her chest rises and falls,
The mind starts telling lies.
Assumptions make good seem bad,
Scars leap out from the past,
And as she sways back and forth,
Doubt shadows what will last,
Her memory is now what’s seen,
By hearts, love’s kept alive,
As a mind creates the fear,
That the nightmare will decide.
And as with night the shadows grow,
Yet this figures clear ad day,
No matter how much efforts used,
This love is here to stay,
Though right now, the pasts chains still  bind,
One day, both will be free,
We’ll once again be in each others arms,
To enjoy this love, that will always be.
      Only you!



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