to Marcy Howard

As, the calendar, turns, it’s days;we reflect, on the past year’s events,
And will, the changing, of the year;bring happiness, or happy, prevent,
Can you, look back, with a smile;or do tears, come to, your eyes,
As the past, teaches a lesson;or does, the future, become a lie.
All, the things, that you found;the experiences, you went through,
Are the ripples, across, the pond;with  the future, what you’re due,
The past, should not change, your future;hold on, to important things,
For, if you dwell, on the past;what can the future, bring.
Some of the things, that you experienced;can have, an effect, profound, times, you feel lost;some things, were, forever found,
Even though, at times, there’s pain;it shoudn’t effect, positive things,
For even, found things, that now seem lost;are inside, what the new year brings.
Though, I lost, someone, I love;she helped me, find, another love, true,
And though, the new love, had to run;it’s a positive, through and through,
Each night, that, I go to sleep;a cell phone, eases my fear,
For, on the screen, is a picture, of you;that I’ll hold, through each, New Year.
          Love lives!! Forever


love,each new year!

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Barb Clarke
oltre 6 anni

Sorry for your loss. It somehow can make us stronger. Nice poem.


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