The Night

to Marcy Howard

In the dark, and shadowed world, some of us, do live,
As the darkness, holds out, it’s hand, what is it, it can give,
Are memories, your only friend, as darkness, haunts your days,
And all, those lofty, ambitions held, are lost, inside, a haze.
If, you live, in darkness, are you affected, by the light,
Or do your, dreams and desires, get lost, inside the night,
Though, the world, may seem dark, a silver lining, does exist,
Woven, in, the things, you feel, regardless, how you resist.
The night, holds few, distractions, yet answers, may not, be found,
As you search, your memories, struggle, to hear, a sound,
The night, still holds, a solace, a peace, that’s held with in,
While the places, that you go, no better, than where you’ve been.
In the night, your action’s, are cloaked, in silent, contemplation,
As the, prying eyes, can’t see, your soul, in separation,
Use the night, to help you see, that love, is something, real,
For justification, you do not need, inside those things you feel.
As I deal, with what I have, the night, shows what, I need,
In the night, love, is real, I no longer, bleed,
Answers come, realizations occur, but, still, there is no light,
But love, lives, inside those dreams, and your love, light’s up, my night.
         Love lives . Forever!!!!



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