The Pace of Change


Through our lives there are things we change,
While some things get lost in time,
As all our feeble efforts,
Seem winds that stir wind chimes,
We exert the effort to change ourselves,
Or even change the things we feel,
Never seeming to realize,
What remains is what is real.
We reach out to things of old,
Because they hold some measure of peace,
As all the things we think we avoid,
Through the nights just seem to increase,
Our hopes and dreams we hold aloft,
Yet our hearts we can’t hold high,
And when confronted with fantasy,
Is that fulfillment what we deny.
Emotions become an immovable force,
That our efforts seem not to alter,
Step by step they travel on,
And their pace seems not to falter,
Change becomes some unchained beast,
That we face with uncertain fear,
And though at times it touches us all,
It’s approach we can not hear.
Events can alter how we see or feel,
While our dreams provide the fuel,
And on this path that travels on,
Can our emotions make us fools,
As we look to things inside,
Is self acceptance what we find,
While conversations from the past,
Are all that comes to mind.
Life unfolds like some fairy tale,
With words that are spoken yet never heard,
Hopes and dreams become all there is,
Their fulfillment hinging on three words,
Though there are things we would like to change,
There are those that we can not,
Integral parts of heart and mind,
Though we’ve tried we never forgot.
On and on love truly moves,
In our hearts it lives and breathes,
And though at times it seems to die,
We belief it lives in our dreams,
No matter how much we resist real change,
we can’t alter it’s path or pace,
And once love lives in the heart,
We can never change it’s face.

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