The Prey

To Marcy Howard

Though I’m not, a religious man,
Before  sleep each night, I pray,
That you can handle, all this change,
And come to my cars today,
I ask, whoever’s listening,
To try and help you see,
That special woman in you mirror,
The one that runs from me.
I ask that you be given freedom,
From those chains that bind,
That you see I’m here for you,
With body, soul and mind,
Each night when I say this prayer,
Its heaven that I hold,
Because its you that I see,
And US, has not been sold.
I ask for strength for the coming day,
To keep your heartbeat strong,
Even though for all purposes,
Had of me is gone,
I hope that you’re doing well,
And that at some point you believe,
In the person for who you reached,
That its your self you receive.
I ask that your pain would end,
This nightmare no longer real,
That you can really trust your heart,
And your feelings not conceal,
I hope you can truly believe,
That you are worth far more,
Than all the demons hidden deep,
Your heart can now be sure.
I ask that you be allowed to see,
I know the pain you embrace,
And all the scars that you fear,
Are etched into my face,
I ask that your nights and days,
Help your smile shine,
So you’ll reach out to me,
With love, I know is mine.
      Always love, you and me.



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