The Shifting Sand


A cool damp wind blows the sand,
Across a deserted beach,
And as I stroll in the dark,
Towards a place I may not reach,
Lightning bolts fill the sky,
From a storm thats out to sea,
A signal for the storm’s approach,
Is nature mocking me.
Are we products of our pasts,
Am I drawn to where water meets land,
Is there some lesson to be learned,
In what the sea and sand demand,
The sand is held in an outstretched palm,
While the wind blows each grain away,
A three hour drive just to walk,
To hear what the two might say.
Swells begin as the waters pushed,
The wind exerts it’s will,
And though the sand might shift and change,
It’s under our feet still,
The storm may change the landscape,
But sand and sea will still exist,
No matter where the wind might blow,
Or how much they might resist.
If we make our lives a mirror,
Of both the land and sea,
Maybe we can realize,
Though bound together both are free,
The winds may howl and storms might come,
But the sea still holds the sand,
And all of us in the course of life,
Will walk the shifting sand.
In the darkness at the water’s edge,
As lightning fills the sky,
The sea might push the sand around,
As the raindrops start to fly,
The storm will have a conclusion,
And the sea will still meet the sand,
And though the landscape’s altered,
There’s still the sea and shifting sand.



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