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The Storm

to Marcy Howard

The storm, approaches, as skies, turn black, slowly, the rain begins,
As the rain, comes pelting down, it soaks me, to the skin,
It seems, the rain, washes away, all the pain, inside,
And as I sit, in this field, these falling tears, the rain, will hide.
Thought, the rain, is chilling, and there’s an aching, in these bones,
The wind, can keep me company, while, the heart, atones,
In total isolation, as the rain, comes from above,
The rainbow, in this thunderstorm, is, a thing, called love,
The storm, intensifies it’s purpose, lightning, fills the skies,
As the wind, blows harder, resolve, fills the eyes,
Can the heart, comprehend, the passion, of this storm,
Even though, chilled to the bone, can love, keep me warm.
Soon, the storm, wanders on, and the temperature, turns cold,
As, the moisture in my clothing, is the only thing, I hold,
While, I stand, to my feet, the clouds open wide,
And as, the moonlight, touches my face, love, is on my side.



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