The Stream

to Marcy Howard

As I sit and watch, the water ripple;I watch, it’s steady flow,
Though, I try, to forget, the memories, only grow,
Life, brought me, to this place;yet it helped me, see, so many things,
As, the water, ripples across, the rocks;it seems, the water sings.
Ice, forms, along the edge;as pieces break and are swept away;
Could this, be, love, you’ve had;never gone, but alone, today,
Even in, times of drought;though the water, may disappear,
Rain, will bring it, back again;as it does, each and every, year.
I remember, my wife, now gone;and I, remember, someone new,
As it seems, the water, has a life;for always, it runs true,
The water, has, a calming effect,;and as, I sit and stare,
It takes me back, to a place;that has me, stroking, long black hair.
The water, flows, away from me;to no, particular place,
And as, it slowly, flows downstream;it reminds me, of a face,
Though, I know, one love, has passed;the stream, reminds me, one, lives still,
Echoed, by, this water’s flow;as time shows, it always will.
Water, is, part of life;it is and always, will be,
So, as I watch, this water run;it’s you, running, from me,
The water, is, a forever thing;it’s part, of nature’s team;
And the love, I have for you;is a, forever, running stream.



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