Through and Through

To Marcy Howard

Through the darkness and through the light,
I hold you in the day and hold you in the night,
Through the good and through the bad,
I hold you when happy, I hold you when sad,
Through the laughter and through the sorrow,
I hold you today and I’ll hold you tomorrow,
All these things are for you,
And I hold you through and through.
Through the tears and through the pain,
I hold you in sunshine and I hold you in rain,
Through the fears and through the doubt’s,
I hold you in silence and through whispers or shouts,
Through the future and through the past,
Through solitary moments and through times that last,
All these things I do for you,
As I hold you through and through.
Through tomorrow and through today,
I hold you through questions and through things we don’t say,
Through the silence and through the noise,
I’ll hold behind the walls, that our minds deploy,
Through the dreams and through everything real,
I hold you to believe, I hold you to feel,
All my days I live for you,
And I hold you through and through.
      Only you.



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