To Marcy Howard

A search through life brought us here,
On a road that twists and bends,
Do our minds become a hell,
As a memory descends,
But when its time for judgment day,
I’ll hand over my own head,
Because on the day you left my life,
The rest of me was dead.
When I thought I found somebody new,
I tried to give my heart,
But that’s the day I realized,
Without you my souls in parts,
Fate has brought us to where we are,
Yet are the things we have our due,
And all I guess I really own,
Is the love I hold for you.
I ran away and tried to find,
A way to mend and heal,
But every day I think of you,
And the way You make me feel,
Each day brings a brand new sun,
But its warmth seems wasted on me,
Because every day that loves still there,
As the heart dreams that it is free!



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