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To Marcy Howard

Every day it grows harder;to escape the painful thought,
A dream becomes a fantasy;inside the love we sought,
Tomorrow seemed to die one day;but by you was revived,
You gave me back tomorrows;with nothing to decide.
Every day it grows harder;to face the coming day,
But tomorrow keeps on coming;with you to light the way,
Whether its just fantasy;whether its what we feel,
Doesn’t change what was found; maybe its lost but its real.
Every day I wonder;do you still have that sparkle and smile,
As the wonder makes me daydream;your presence real awhile,
And underneath a dark night sky;stars shine their light,
While looking at a memory;that reoccurs every night.
Every day the need survives;with fulfillment as the foe,
As my belief in you; each day only grows,
And yes tomorrow is another day;but each is only you,
As tomorrow holds the hope;the dream again comes true.
         Only you!!!



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