Twice the View

To Marcy Howard

Pictures portray your happiness, but the eyes just don’t agree,
Appearances can be one thing, but in your eyes there’s more to see,
It seems your losing lots more weight, but we are still within,
The smile doesn’t look real, just a made up plastic grin.
Deja vu is an understatement, we lived this way before,
Staying apart didn’t work then, yet now we attempt some more,
Tears when no ones looking, sitting or walking for hours,
Smiling at a familiar thing, thoughts wandering in the shower.
My days are spent the very same, like you I pretend I’m fine,
As our hearts broken pieces, become all that’s on our mind,
Some days a cup of coffee, with that flavored cream,
Start a day that seems endless, with a constant inner scream.
And when you have to concentrate, there’s still a job to do,
But still the thoughts won’t go away, my only thought is you,
In this pain where we now live, there’s only one thing we need to say,
Being in each others arms, would take the pain away.
.      Only you.



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