Two Fold Tears

To Marcy Howard

The tears it seems, now have dried,
Yet dark stains are left behind,
The stains are something no one can see,
As they’re left somewhere inside,
And though the tears have stopped their flow,
There remains a bitter taste,
The salt left from their down ward path,
Leaves things time can not erase.
I wish the tears were tears of joy,
But there’s a certain sense of loss,
Now it seems there are none left to cry,
With a heart that now is lost,
Tears can not bring back those days,
That are gone inside the past,
Yet the memories that come with them,
Caused the tears to last.
We all know what tears can mean,
So very many things,
They can be a sign of joy,
Or the sign of pain that loss can bring,
Yet there are times when just one tear,
Means more than just one thing,
It says goodbye to someone dear,
And hello to the future’s sting.
But with these tears that no longer fall,
Lives something more than just profound,
Not only for someone that now is lost,
And for someone else I found,
Now it seems tears thought long gone,
Just water this hearts need,
And water something, planted long ago,
Love’s undying seed.
         Only you.



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