Two Found

to Marcy Howard

A pen can write on paper, making the words become something real,
Conveying a thought or idea, or conveying how we feel,
The words might seem unrealistic, appear to be smoke or lies,
But the words ring out from the heart, and shine inside the eyes.
We built a wall around the love, and at some point we’ll tear it down,
But all the pain that slowly builds, is the place where hearts can drown,
The issue isn’t if there’s love, we both know that it’s there,
As with the effort of pushing away, it becomes more than we can bear.
As time lenghthens the need groes worse, we lived this twice before,
Every day we long to see, the person we love more,
Of course there’s fear in both our minds, what’s important is in the heart,
Not the threats or jealous shit, that thrust mind and hearts apart.
Destiny gsve us each other’s arms, for that we should be glad,
And even with the time apart, it’s what we have not what we had,
Time means nothing to the souls, that know their mate is found,
Yet half a soul is agony, when the other half’s not around.
Music is your refuge, and your voice is the music for me,
And though you know poems are mine, it’s not the words you need believe,
It’s what the words are saying, the things that we both feel,
And as the time ticks slowly by, each day, makes it more real.
The issue here comes down to trust, that together we’re a team,
And as the pressure builds and builds, there’s no way to vent the steam,
We must believe in our hearts, let our hearts be true,
After all your heart found me, and i’m glad that mine found you!!!!
           I found you.



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