Two Lost Souls


As darkness takes the countryside,
The world immersed in shadows and the night,
Two souls search through the darkness,
For what seems missing in the light,
Souls looking for their other halves,
With hearts torn into shreds,
Trying to fill the emptiness,
That overtakes the heart and head.
To know who completes you,
To have the knowledge that they exist,
But somehow in the whispered words,
Two minds somehow resist,
Happiness held in the hands,
Does that moment slip away,
As what we long for in the night,
Two souls held yesterday.
Two lost souls search through the night,
And that search extends to our dreams,
Hearts hold out two open arms,
As we hear the silent screams,
A hole’s left by her absence,
Seems now a soundless void,
Two souls found their matches,
But it’s tomorrows they avoid.
Though darkness may surround us,
Or it seems a dream’s our cost,
The soul that knows where love resides,
In the darkness can not get lost,
A line extends from soul to soul,
Though apart they still are bound,
Ignoring both tine and distance,
Happy with what was found.
Though we see with our eyes,
It’s the heart that provides emotion,
The soul transcends all time and space,
And to tomorrow extends devotion,
If we use our hearts to feel,
And we listen when they speak,
Love becomes a mountaintop,
With each day a higher peak.
When two souls find each other,
By time and emotion they are bound,
Distance means not a thing,
Two souls speak without a sound,
Hearts and souls become as one,
With love the binding glue,
Two lost souls found their way,
When you found me and I found you.

January 10th,2017

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