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Under The Tree

to Marcy Howard

I only, want one thing, for Christmas;yet, it’s something, i most likely, won’t receive,
But, with all of this holiday, magic;somehow, I will always, believe,
My days, are filled, with your laughter;my nights, with thoughts, of your smile,
And as, I stand under, this, white mistletoe;I’ll dream, of your kiss, for awhile.
I really, don’t care, about reindeer;and I wish, that santa, was real,
So, the one thing, that I wish for;would become, something, I feel,
Presents and gifts, hold no interest;tinsel and garland, seem less bright,
Because, the one thing, that I wish for;Your smile, lights up, my night.
I imagine, the thing, I wish for;one Christmas, will be given, to me,
And until, that wish, may be granted;I’ll hope, it’s under, my tree,
Wrapped, in her favorite, color;smiling and laughing, out loud,
So, if someone, might be listening;please give her back, to me, somehow.
So, until then, keep all, of the ribbons;and keep, all the tinsel and lights,
Forgive, all the things, that happened;but remember, the wrongs and the rights,
Just, give me, the one thing, i wish for;give back, my angel, to me,
Give back, the missing half, of happy;I’ll look for her, under my tree.
          You and only you.Love lives!!!



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