Waking to Darkness


A cemetery haunts my mind,
And an emotion haunts the heart,
Though at times  I wish it was easier,
To tell the two apart,
Darkness might be the absence,
Of any discernible light,
But as I awake from a dream,
These eyes see only night.
Light is real in my dreams,
But candles burn without a flame,
And all these blameless candles do,
Is illuminate a name,
With just mere mmory I can see,
The features of a face,
Sparkling eyes and full soft lips,
That right now I’d like to taste.
I can see the long dark hair,
And hear the music in her voice,
Trying to persuade myself it isn’t love,
As if I ever had a choice,
I’m struck by how in the Darkness,
So much is clear without any light,
But sometimes what you fear the most,
Is only the fear within your sight.
Imagine that a dream is real,
That you know she lives and breathes,
But so much seems to block the view,
Of an emotion in which I believe,
Dark clouds come from biased advice,
As if that’s what I should do,
So why not sleep forever,
Because I always dream of you.
It’s hard to wake up in the Darkness,
And you look around to find you’re alone,
The mind then tries to grasp the fact,
Why you’re haunted by the fact love’s grown,
If what I feel is considered light,
Does the Darkness ever really exist,
If with eyes closed I see her,
Is this love then that persists.
In the middle of the night,
When I’m awakened from a dream,
It’s then  I quickly realize,
That I greeted the darkness with my scream,
Once again I held her close,
And I watched her as she slept,
And I still have the thing we found,
That waking to Darkness I’m glad I kept.

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