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We Learn


In the days when we were young,
Everything seemed brand new,
Experience had to be our teacher,
While we hoped our dreams came true,
Insulated by caring parents,
Protected from events,
Then one day when we grew up,
We learned there’s nothing we prevent.
Through the years we begin to see,
There’s two sides to every coin,
And just because the lure looks good,
Doesn’t mean that we should join,
Events and acts teach us things,
And at first the learning’s pure,
But as we age and hear other’s words,
The mind is left unsure.
And when we’re finally on our own,
We believe the learning complete,
But memories reach out from the past,
And our innocence they defeat,
We gather dreams along the way,
Learn of pleasure and of pain,
Hopes and goals can all oocur,
But through life which dreams remain.
What things for us are important,
What things make us feel alive,
And is it with our hearts or minds,
That our fates we then decide,
If we allow ourselves to see,
That a heart’s dreams can come true,
Then every day there’s more to learn,
For every me and you.
We learn that life can be unfair,
That a heart’s a fickle thing,
That silence can be a beautiful sound,
That the wind can sometimes sing,
We learn what moves us to see and feel,
We learn what moves our hearts,
And on the day that we are born,
Is the day our learning starts.

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