What Could Be


What things do we hold important,
Is it the future or the past,
As we live the here and now,
With these memories that last,
Does looking to the future,
Become a source of pain,
Is a smile for tomorrow,
A thing we can’t attain.
Can we touch the dreams we feel,
Do we have the will to try,
Or do the dreams fade away,
Only living in our eyes,
Do we allow the mind to be,
The controller of our hearts,
If that becomes the thing we do,
Are our dreams then ripped apart.
Tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet,
And yesterday is gone,
Today is what we all live,
While the past just comes along,
Though we wonder about tomorrow,
Is it with the heart we see,
Or do our minds hide those things,
That in our lives should just roam free.
The heart is where our dreams reside,
But the mind makes them die,
But if we give the heart control,
We lose the questions why,
Answers lie inside ourselves,
And it’s important for us to see,
That love gives us tomorrow,
And once found it’s what will be.
Every day we keep love alive,
It becomes more than a memory,
It makes tomorrow important,
Helps our dreams roam free,
The person that lives behind the eyes,
With the heart can see,
That each day the heart keeps love alive,
Means love is what could be.

March 20th,2016

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