What's In Store

for marcy howard

With you, in my arms, the troubles fall away,
As I want the world to know, that, I feel this way,
Other’s, may not care, if they’re lost and all alone,
But life’s become much better, possibilities, have grown,
No one, can predict, if happiness, will come,
And the face of that happiness, a light shining from,
A name can bring elation, a song, good memory,
But nothing can compare, to what, you mean to me.
When the darkness, opened up, my sanity was you,
And though the pain consumed me, you, pulled me through,
Fantasies, can transport you, to some better place,
And when, it seemed to much, I just thought of your face,
Solitude can only hide, those things, you may feel,
yet, a woman, such as you, made love, something real,,
Though the past, held such pain, the future, was my cost,
Yet, while in your arms, I hold, the things I lost,
Happiness, when it’s found, Makes you feel alive,
Holding you, in my arms, there’s nothing to decide,
The pain, has disappeared, life, holds so much more,
And as I look, into your eyes, I know love, is what’s in store.



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