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When Love Calls


So many things come and go,
And of that I’ve had my share,
All the old ways dying off,
Yet towards long held dreams we steer,
The beat of life through the days resounds,
As it echoes through our dreams,
Ignoring all our heartfelt pleas,
And the night time’s anguished screams.
At times I’ve held happiness in my arms,
But so often that happiness is fleeting,
As all the successes found along the way,
I’ve spent so much time defeating,
The mirror at times holds an empty stare,
Happiness lost somewhere inside,
While in the gaze of my reflection,
There’s no place left to hide.
Words flow like a mystery river,
But where do they originate,
From some hidden spring inside,
Or the sum of what we call fate,
I’m inspired by the things I feel,
But lack the foresight to see ahead,
Holding on to those emotions,
That at times I wish were dead.
Am I cursed to find only love as all important,
But of course that answer is no,
And even through the pain of loneliness,
The seeds of love still grow,
Am I just some romantic idiot,
With love more important than life itself,
Something important to the soul,
More important than monetary wealth.
When looking at my situation,
I believe luck has been on my side,
With the only problem that I see,
Is holding love hidden somewhere inside,
In this life I look at things,
And believe in the things I found,
While all those things locked inside,
Though silent have their sound.
There might be times we feel sorry for ourselves,
But in that we’re all the same,
As all the hopes and dreams that we hold high,
Are still alive inside a name,
Having the emotion that lives within,
Is much better than not feeling at all,
And if it lives as our most important thing,
We hear when each night it calls.

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