When Shadows Hide


Every living thing on this earth,
Needs the light to survive,
And behind that living thing,
Is the place where shadows are alive,
The shadows are sometimes more than light,
Darkness becomes a friend,
Love hidden somewhere inside,
Becomes the only thing left to defend.
The light becomes an uncomfortable place,
A heart closes itself in,
Unhappy with the present day,
When did the pain begin,
And in those clouds of memory,
Embedded somewhere in the soul,
There exists a source of light,
That tames the shadow’s hold.
An emotion chases the shadows away,
In memory forever alive,
And each time that we remember,
It’s then the light arrives,
We may wonder what things to hold,
The important is already inside,
Love emits a warm pure light,
And believing is when shadows hide.
With the thought of what we found,
The darkness then disappears,
And with the arrival of that light,
Comes the departure of our fears,
Though we may hide what we feel,
It’s survival can not be denied,
And holding on to that love,
Is when the shadows hide.

March 18th,2016

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