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When You're Ready

to Marcy Howard

One day, I hope, you’re ready;to give your heart, back to me,
To let, those dreams and desires, you hold;to once again, be free,
Yet as, I know, you can’t, right now;in you, I’ll always, believe,
For as, you gave, youself, to me;with love, we’re not deceived.
You, may think, I am, alone;;but with, that thought, you’re wrong,
For even, though, the music’s off;we still, can sing, the song,
Every day, I still, hold you, close;and you’re with me, every night,
And if, you think, I’ll give up;I hold on, with all, my might.
I appreciate, all you gave;as we, struggled, to understand,
That, as we  both, held things back;we gave up, both heart’s demands,
We, acknowledge, love, is real;that, without it, neither, is whole,
Yet this, was something, new, to us;as two, became, one soul.
I, could ask you, to forgive;and I’ll always, do the same, for you,
While, I hope, we can, believe;that this thing’s, a dream, come true,
Even, if this life, might mean;that, til death, we are apart,
When you’re ready, I’ll be, waiting still;for the other, half, of my heart.
        Love Lives!!!!!



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